In «Fashion Club» the following rules visit:

  • Enter to «Fashion Club» paid from 23:00
  • After 23:00 input permitted for persons from 16 years
  • When visiting the club at night time visitors should take control of that and visual inspection of personal belongings
  • Administration institution is not responsible for the money and items left in street clothes, and things are not handed over to the wardrobe
  • Customers are solely responsible for the damage (either intentionally, accidentally), or destroyed property
  • Visitors must reimburse the cost of the damaged (intentionally, accidentally), or destroying their property and other damage caused by them.

The "Fashion Club" identities Dress-code and Face-control

Dress Code - an unwritten rule, the regulations in the clothing, proper appearance visitor.
Face control - to the entrance, a selective denial of service users (clients) do not meet certain criteria.

Security and administration institution reserves the right to refuse to visit or stay in «Fashion Club» without explanation.

In «Fashion Club» prohibited:
  • Enter in sports clothing and shoes, bathing suits, shorts, dirty and unkempt clothing
  • Enter individuals with alcohol or drug intoxication or inadequate state
  • Enter with animals
  • Bringing firearms and cold steel, stabbing or sharp objects
  • Bringing alcoholic beverages and food products
  • Bring and use drugs, medications and herbal drugs with narcotic effect
  • Smoke or drink alcoholic beverages tantsyuvalnoy site.

Weekday Men Women
Monday 80 UAH 80 UAH
Tuesday 70 UAH 50 UAH
Wednesday 70 UAH 50 UAH
Thursday 100 UAH 0 UAH
Friday 100 UAH 100 UAH
Saturday 100 UAH 100 UAH
Sunday 70 UAH 50 UAH

The right to attend from 23.00 hrs. daily given only after the purchase of admission in the form of a paper wristband that is attached to the wrist hands .

Purchase of admission is proof that the visitor has concluded public contract in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code of Ukraine , the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights and familiar with these rules visit Fashion Club and fully agree with them .

Guest is fully responsible for any loss or damage ticket ( paper bracelet ).

If no ticket ( paper wristband ) on the wrist of the hand that is a confirmation of the payment institution administration reserves the right to assume by this that did not get admission and commitments to buy and / or leave the premises Fashion Club . < br />
Links Fashion Club after the acquisition by admission (concluding a public contract ) shall not be liable for failure to obtain visitor services and does not return money paid for a ticket .

Calculated documents for payment of admission (paper bracelet ) available on request .

During holidays, the prison authorities reserve the right to change prices without notice.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday entrance tickets are sold with a 23:00.

Price list for the use of sofas
Use of the main hall sofas paid from 23:00. Use a sofa price is 200 UAH.
Using the soft sofas in room-porch and in «CRYSTAL Lounge» free.

Rules of reservation for soft sofas.
In the institution of a service prior reservation soft sofas. By phone , you can booking a sofa. Advance booking service fee, the cost is 100 UAH. In case of absence or non-Dress-Code and Face-Control means the booking will not be returned.

Security and administration institution reserves the right to refuse to visit or stay in «Fashion Club» without explanation.

In case of dispute the decision of security and administrative institutions are final and not subject to appeal.

Administration institution reserves the right to change the rules of entry, without formal notice.

These rules are public contract.

These rules are designed based on the provisions of the Civil Code of Ukraine, including but not limited to art. 570, 633, 641, 693, 706, and law "On Protection of Consumer Rights"